Rental Policies

We only have tax-Free cars. If your permanent address is Denmark you cannot rent our cars. (If you live in Grønland and Færøerne you can).

The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving license.

Driving license printed with non-Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an International driving license.

For driving licenses from countries not part of the Geneva/ Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (e.g. China), an official translation of the license in English must be presented with the original license.

Certain tariffs and conditions apply for Non-Danish residents only. These tariffs and conditions are not available to customers residing in Denmark due to taxation regulations. Please remember to select your "Permanent country of residence" when booking a rental car.

Age Restrictions

The minimum age for renting a car is 20 years old and have had a license for 1 or 3 years:

20 years/1 year: Economy cars (Smart Forfour, Citroën C1, Toyota Aygo or Similar).
23 years/1 year: Standard cars (Opel Insignia, VW Passat, Peugeot 508 or Similar).
25 years/3 years: Luxury cars (BMW 5-Series Aut., Audi A6 Aut., Mercedes E-Class Sedan Aut. or Similar).

A young driver surcharge of 119 DKK per rental will be applied for drivers under 26 years of age.

Payment and Deposit

A deposit will be held on your Credit/Debit card as follows:

2500 DKK  Smart ForFour, Opel Corsa Opel Astra or similar size car.

3500 DKK Opel Insigna, BMW or similar size car,

11.000 DKK Porsche or similar size car.

Deposit will be returned  at end of rental as follows:

American Express 3 days

Visa 7 days

Mastercard 14 days

We accept all credit cards from internationally recognized credit card companies - such as American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/MasterCard and Visa

Debit cards: MasterCard Debit and Visa Electron is ONLY accepted for car groups smaller than Opel Insignia, VW Passat, Peugeot 508 or Similar | IDMR and Max 30day rental.

Dankort is accepted for rentals with an expected maximum price of 2,000.00 DKK. 

Only card issued to renter can be used for payment.

Cash Payment is not accepted.

Longterm rentals

When a rental exceeds 35 days, the price for the first month will be charged at the time of pick up. In addition, a deposit of up to 1,5 times the expected monthly price will be charged for security purposes.
The rental price is due every 30 days with advance payment via chosen means of payment.

General Protection Conditions

Third Party Insurance (TI) (included in price)

Protection coverage for the vehicle includes Third Party Liability with unlimited cover for personal injuries and material damages. Maximum cover for personal injuries is 1.000.000,00 DKK per injured person.

Excluded from the protection is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All protection as part of the rental contract will become void, in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the required driver's license at the time of the event giving rise to claim.

Liability and Collision damage waiver is included in price

There is zero 0 kr Deductible/ 0Kr Excess

Out of Hours

Bookings/Rentals out of opening hours are only on request. An Out Of Hours surcharge of 325.00 DKK applies.

One-Way Rentals


For One-Way-Rentals within Sixt locations in Denmark a charge of 450.00 DKK applies.

Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions

Cross Border Rentals are not allowed to the following countries: Great Britain, Moldova, Belarus, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Albany, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Polen, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Corsica

In case of offense against Cross Border & Territorial Restrictions all protections lose their validity.


  Accessory DKK/Day DKK/Week DKK/Rental DKK/Month
Baby Seat (0-18 kg)     185.00  
Child Seat     185.00  
Booster Seat     185.00  
Navigation System 150.00     750.00


Accessories are bookable without obligation and subject to availability.

Additional Driver

An Additional Driver Surcharge of 45.00 DKK per day (450.00 DKK per month) applies.

Refueling Charge

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior to return to Sixt, otherwise our current refueling charges will apply.

Other Fees and Taxes


All Danish Sixt cars are non-smoking cars. If a car needs additional cleaning/smell-removal caused by smoking, a fee of 1500.00 DKK will be added to the invoice.

All rates are inclusive of VAT (if VAT incurs).